Innowave pre summit 2018


The event will take place on 11-12 may 2018

University of economics - Varna, hall 1
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About Innowave Pre Summit 2018

Innowave Pre Summit 2018 (11-12.05.2018) is one of the main events of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the digital field to develop the vision for digital transformation of the region. The conference will establish at regional level and with the participation of key stakeholders. The focus then will be how Innowave Summit 2018 (19-20.10.2018) can help accelerate the digitization of the European economy and similar regions – the Danube and the Black Sea region and the Western Balkans.

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The purpose of the May session (in the spirit of the best current world practice) is in a broad partnership of local stakeholders from the industry, academic society, government, local institutions and NGOs as well as citizens, especially the start-up ecosystem in the city (about 60 participants in 4 working groups) to strengthen the vision of Varna to become a national pioneer of the digital transformation of low-tech industries such as transport, construction and tourism, along with accelerating digital entrepreneurship in the region. The representativeness of the event will give a discussion about the strategy of how Varna (and other cities in a similar economic situation in the region) to become an important pillar for the digitization of the industry in the region, where companies (especially those from traditional industrial sectors and SMEs) invest less in digital technology than in other parts of Europe. The documents and the good practices that will result from these two days of Innowave Pre-Summit 2018 will contribute to Bulgaria’s efforts during the presidency. During Innowave Pre-Summit 2018, as a preparatory session for Innowave Summit 2018 with a focus on digitization, innovation and new technologies to help the competitiveness of Bulgarian companies, we will give an example of how a modern and an innovative non-urban city can be placed on the map of the technology centers in Europe. This will send an important messages from Bulgaria’s Presidency being part of the Council of the European Union after the formal conclusion of the Presidency on 30.06.2018 related to youth and security issues as horizontal priorities in view of the complex nature of the challenges facing young people and the modern security environment. The inclusion of the Conference, part the event calendar as an annual measure contributing to the rapid penetration of information and communication technologies in all sectors of the economy will also support Bulgaria’s willingness to work at different levels to strengthen the Unified market which one of the most important goals of the EU building a stronger European economy.


  • Mariya Gabriel
    Mariya Gabriel

    Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society

  • Emil Karaivanov
    Emil Karaivanov

    Minister of Economy

  • Ivan Portnih
    Ivan Portnih

    Mayor of Varna

  • Stoian Passev
    Stoian Passev

    Head of Varna Regional Government

  • Emil Radev
    Emil Radev

    Member of European Parliament

  • Biliana Raeva
    Biliana Raeva

    Varna Municipality representative at EU parliament

  • Dr. Emilija Stojmenova Duh
    Dr. Emilija Stojmenova Duh


  • Prof. Andrej Kos
    Prof. Andrej Kos


  • Ciaran Martin
    Ciaran Martin

    Digital Innovation Hub, Ireland

  • Silvia Stumpf
    Silvia Stumpf

    Business agency association

  • Dimitar Vasilev
    Dimitar Vasilev

    Chairman of Management Board at Bulgarian Business Forums

  • Nikolay Petkanov
    Nikolay Petkanov


  • Galin Dinkov
    Galin Dinkov

    Serial entrepreneur

  • Natanail Stefanov
    Natanail Stefanov


  • Emily Bogen
    Emily Bogen

    European Startup Network


11 may
12 may
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